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A History of Ship Building & Fishing

As history shows, Captain Todd Allen comes from a long line of Destin, Florida Deep Sea Fishermen. He knows the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and promises you an exciting day of Deep-Sea-Fishingfishing aboard The Charter Boat Big John! John G. Maltezos came to the US in the Late 1800’s arriving at the Pensacola Port from Aegina Greece. He was a shipbuilder by trade and fisherman. He built ships from the Navy after arriving in America. He married Isabelle Weekly and they had nine children (4 sons and 5 daughters). They moved to Destin Florida in the early 1900’s and was one of the founding fathers of the city. He settled and raised his family on the property where the Charter Boat Big John still operates!Destin-Florida-Fishing-Map

His sons were deep sea fishermen, too. Nicholas Maltezos (Capt. Nick) became a boat captain at the age of 12 and ran the “Dreamland” from 1926 until 1933. The Dreamland was a sailboat built in 1924 by John Maltezos. John also built the “Primrose” a deep sea fishing boat that is on display at the Destin Fishing Museum!

John passed away in 1936 and Nick became one of the brothers to carry on the family’s deep sea charter fishing business steeped in tradition. In fact, all of the brothers became Charter Boat Captains. Captain Nick ran deep sea fishing boats until he passed away in 1982. He built two charter boats on the family property – the “Memory” and the “Sweetheart”. He also purchased a deep sea fishing boat for his son Carmen to run. Nick had two sons and one daughter. Both sons became experienced deep sea fishing Boat Captains. His grandsons, Scott and Todd, both were deck hands on his boats from a very early age. Nick later had the “Capt. Nick” built, which he ran, until he passed away.Deep-Sea-Charter-Boat
Todd Allen runs the Charter Boat “Big John” from the same docking space that his grandfather, Nick, ran his boats from!

Captain Todd is proudly a fourth generation charter boat Captain in the Maltezos Family. Capt. Nick’s father’s family still lives in Aegina Greece and has been visited by this family many times.

Thank you for reading our Charter Boat & Deep Sea Fishing history, as you have read we are a family that proudly carries on the traditions of our charter boat trade. You will enjoy your time on the Charter boat “Big John” as we strive to live up to our families heritage. Join us for the best deep sea fishing in Destin, Florida.